Earthlite Massage Table Bolster, Jumbo Round

Earthlite Jumbo Round Bolster-cut away
Earthlite Jumbo Round Bolster
Earthlite Jumbo Round Bolster - bolster sizes
Earthlite Jumbo Round Bolster - bolster selection
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The 9 inch by 26 inch Earthlite Jumbo Round Bolster is a precision cut ... Read More

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The 9 inch by 26 inch Earthlite Jumbo Round Bolster is a precision cut, foam-filled bolster produced with a fully zippered high quality NaturSoft™ cover including a strap handle for easy portability. It is ideal as an aid to relieve muscle tension and strain on the body during massage, providing an extra layer of comfort and muscle support.

The foam filling is firm and resilient when weight is applied, and springs back into shape when the weight is lifted off. It is also CFC-free and environmentally friendly. The Jumbo bolster is versatile, great for use under the ankles, knees, or under the neck to help relieve pressure. It is lightweight and travels with ease.

The Jumbo bolster is useful in relieving pressure on the lower back, and can be used to elevate legs to help reduce swelling and improve comfort. Available in 9 standard Natursoft™ upholstery colors, your choice can be easily coordinated with your table or environment.


  • 9 inches x 26 inches
  • Available in 6 standard NaturSoft™ upholstery colors
  • Upholstery upgrades available

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