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Earthlite Massage Table Bolster, Three-Quarter Round

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Product Description

The Earthlite 3/4 Round bolster is among our top selling bolsters and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Place this full 3/4 round bolster under the knees, ankles or neck to help relieve muscle pain and strain. Flat on one side, this bolster will stay firmly in place, keeping your clients in a comfortable position throughout most procedures. Designed to promote relaxation on the table, the Earthlite Full 3/4 Round bolster is available in 9 standard NaturSoft™ upholstery colors.

If maximum circulation is a primary concern , consider the Earthlite Fluffy Bolster too!


  • Available in 9 standard NaturSoft™ upholstery colors
  • Upholstery upgrades available


  • Length 26"
  • Width 6"
  • Height 4 3/4"

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