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Earthlite Massage Table Bolster, Jumbo Half Round

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Product Description

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The Earthlite Jumbo Full 1/2 Round bolster is among our top selling bolsters and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Place this Jumbo 1/2 round bolster under the knees, ankles or neck to help relieve muscle pain and strain. Flat on one side, this bolster will stay firmly in place, keeping your clients in a comfortable position throughout most procedures.

The foam filling is firm and resilient and is also CFC-free and environmentally friendly. The Jumbo 1/2 round bolster is versatile, great for use under the knees to improve circulation on the table too. It is lightweight and travels with ease.

This bolster is also useful in relieving pressure on the lower back, and can be used to elevate legs to help reduce swelling while improving comfort. Designed to promote relaxation on the table, the Earthlite Full 1/2 Round bolster is available in 9 standard NaturSoft™ upholstery colors. 

If maximum circulation is a primary concern , consider the Earthlite Fluffy Bolster too!.


  • Available in 9 standard NaturSoft™ upholstery colors
  • Upholstery upgrades available


  • Length 26"
  • Width 9"
  • Height 4 1/2"

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