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Earthlite Massage Table Bolster, DuraBolster Jumbo Half Round

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Product Description

Need a heavy-duty, water-resistant, soft bolster for your practice? The Earthlite Water Resistant Jumbo Half Round DuraBolster™ is designed for practitioners who incorporate water treatment into their therapies, including hydrotherapy techniques. It is water resistant, tough, and holds well under pressure. The DuraBolster™ lives up to is name with its super durable upholstery. Don't let the toughness fool you. This bolster is soft to the touch and delivers the Earthlite comfort you have come to rely on.

The Water Resistant Jumbo Half Round DuraBolster™ is 9 inches wide, 4 1/2 inches high, and 26 inches long. It is available in black and beige and is fully zippered along its length. It also comes with a handle strap on either end for easy carriage and includes Earthlite's limited warranty.

Features Include:

  • Heavy-Duty, Water-Resistant Upholstery
  • Ultra Comfortable Cushioning


  • Choose from Black or Beige


  • Length 26"
  • Width 9"
  • Height 4 1/2"

About Earthlite and Their Warranty

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