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Massage Tables Now is your trusted source for professional massage tables and equipment at the best price. Our singular mission is to empower your practice, setting you on a path to unrivaled success.

We offer an exceptional selection of both massage tables and individual massage table options from renowned brands including Earthlite, Oakworks, Master Massage, Custom Craftworks, and more. Whether you are in search of a comprehensive table set or a specific massage table tailored to your practice’s needs, our range ensures you can prioritize what truly matters—your clients.

Choosing Massage Tables Now means gaining access to a wealth of knowledge that significantly empowers your decision-making process. We aim to simplify your choices, helping you select the perfect massage table and ensuring you can provide the best therapy possible. Elevate your practice and enhance your clients' experience by choosing Massage Tables Now, because your success is our top priority.

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About Us

We are a friendly and small specialized company headquartered in Wyoming, and our simple goal is to help you choose the right massage equipment so you can be the most successful in your massage therapy and practice.

We focus on offering updated, accurate, and helpful content throughout our product categories and product pages. With this information at your disposal, you can make an educated purchasing decision that helps you succeed in your business as a massage therapist.

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