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Head Rests & Face Pillows

A massage head rest and massage face pillow are among the most important accessories to consider beyond purchasing a massage table. A lot of our discounted portable massage tables as well as our stationary massage tables and electric massage tables come with the option to add the face cradle and the head rest when placing your order. Take advantage of our wide assortment on massage face pillows and really offer the full relaxing effect to your clients when they are on your massage table.

If you are looking to add or replace your massage head rest or face pillow, we offer the a selection of the finest available. Earthlite's massage table head rests also known as face cradles can be used on all Earthlite Massage Tables. The dowels measure 8" on center to fit all kinds of EarthLite tables, which makes it much easier if you do have more than one table and would like to go back and forth when you need to. The Earthlite face pillow offers the highest level of comfort. Browse our selection of massage face cradles and covers and get yours today....Read More

12 of 57 Items
12 of 57 Items