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Earthlite Massage Table Face Pillow LEC STRATA + FLEX-REST Platform

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  • Patent pending headrest platform and face cushion combo provides ultimate comfort
  • Self-adjusting headrest cradles the client's face in comfort
  • Proprietary cushioning system in the facerest relieves sinus pressure and eliminates pressure points
  • NaturSoft Upholstery is PVC-Free and secured with contrasting double stitching
  • Dowels are 8" on center to fit a variety of massage tables and chairs

You'll never hear a client complain about the discomfort of a head or face rest again with the Earthlite Massage Table Face Pillow LEC STRATA + FLEX-REST Platform. The Flex-Rest pivots and flexes to adjust itself to the unique shape and contours of each client's face, while the cushion softly supports the face.  Together they will keep your client's face gently suspended in a Zen-like state of tranquility.

Flex-Rest PlatformThe revolutionary Flex-Rest™ Self-Adjusting Platform from Earthlite flexes and pivots to adapt to the unique shape of your client's face. Sinus pressure is reduced and pressure points eliminated. The Flex-Rest's base has patent pending elastomeric connective tissue, which flexes under pressure to create the optimal pivot point to suspend your client's face in a cradle of comfort.  Fully adjustable and easy to set the height. 

strata-facepillow-latte.jpgThe Earthlite Massage Table Strata Face Pillow combines the Earthlite proprietary Cloud-Comfort Cushioning with their signature Strata Memory Foam™ system to deliver an incredibly comfortable experience while holding up to the demands of daily spa use. The Strata FacePillow is wrapped in soft PVC-free NaturSoft Upholstery and secured with contrasting double stitching.

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