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Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.

LEC STRATA COOL FacePillow + CARESS Platform

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Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.

Product Description


  • The Strata Cool Face Pillow is a multi-layer face cushion with Cloudfill polygel blend and viscous memory foam topped with a removable Strata Cool gel pad to reduce sinus pressure during massage
  • The Caress platform has eight pivoting Soft-Petals™ for independent flex and balance to conform to your client's unique facial structure
  • The Caress platform reduces sinus and other pressure points
  • The Strata Cool Face Pillow has marine-grade Natursoft™ upholstery for extra moisture protection with a soft feel
  • The Caress platform has a locking single cam lever for height and angle adjustments

The Earthlite Massage Table Face Pillow, LEC STRATA COOL + CARESS Platform, combines the Earthlite Massage Table Strata™ Cool FacePillow and the Earthlite Caress™ Self-Adjusting Head Rest Platform for a superior client massage experience. The innovative Caress™ Head Rest Platform adapts to the unique contour of your client's face to cradle it perfectly every time. At the same time, the proprietary removable cooling gel pad of the Strata™ Cool FacePillow creates an immediate soothing sensation and dramatically reduces swelling and sinus pressure throughout the treatment.

The incredibly comfortable experience of the Caress cradle is one of reduced sinus pressure and eliminated pressure points. The Soft-Petals™ flex and balance to gently suspend your client's face in a cradle of comfort. The universally designed dowels measure 8"" on center to fit most Earthlite tables. The single-cam lever allows for a straightforward adjustment that controls both height and angle for ease of use and fluid movement, easily locking into place once adjusted.

The innovative LEC Strata Cool pad sits among luscious layers of downy Cloudfill™ polygel blend and viscous memory foam to swaddle your client’s face in a sea of tranquility.

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