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Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.

Comfort Soul SIENA ELITE Spa Treatment Chair

MSRP: $2,555.99
Now: $2,428.00
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$299.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.

Product Description


  • Sturdily constructed - X-lift™ ultra-durable wheeled steel base, weight capacity of 700 pounds, and lifting capacity of 500 pounds
  • Fully electric four-sectional Elite-4 Top™, independent electronic adjustment for back, leg, and height, and an electronic multi-function remote
  • Highly functional - height adjustable (18" - 33", handicap accessible), UltraQuiet™ linear actuator, SmoothLock™ end attachment support, ClickLock™ side attachment support
  • Comfortable - Ultra Plush™ Cushioning System engineered for ultimate support and comfort, Memory Fit™ Face Cradle Pillow, PlushFit™ Neck Pillow, and PlushFit™ Head Pillow
  • Upholstered in soft, durable, waterproof, and environmentally friendly DuraSoft™ PU vinyl that’s easy to clean and maintain

Stylish, comfortable, and versatile, the Comfort Soul Siena Elite Spa Treatment Chair is a must-have for any spa or massage parlor due to its ease of client positioning, smooth electric operation, unobstructed customer access, and practitioner’s ease of maneuverability. It can also fully function as an esthetician chair/bed.


Sturdily constructed, the Siena Elite features the Comfort Soul X-lift™ ultra-durable wheeled steel base for increased height range, enhanced portability, and unmatched stability at the touch of a button. It has a weight capacity of 700 pounds, a lifting capacity of 500 pounds, and features the Comfort Soul UltraQuiet™ Linear Actuator, a load-tuned whisper-quiet adjustment mechanism. It features the Comfort Soul Elite 4-Top™ (a fully electric four-sectional top) and has independent electronic adjustments for back, leg, and height. These electronic functions are controlled via a multi-function remote that offers full controls. It is very versatile; it is height adjustable from 18" to 33" (handicap accessible), has a maximum lumbar knee height adjustment of 5.25", and the backrest is adjustable from 0° flat to a 65° upward incline. The wheelchair accessible-height range accommodates wheelchair patients and helps you qualify for ADA tax benefits. Highly functional, it has the Comfort Soul SmoothLock™ End Attachment Support; these are proprietary end attachments that glide smoothly into position and are conveniently located at both ends of the table. It also has Comfort Soul ClickLock™ Side Attachment Support; side attachment connectors that lock attachments into place and easily release with a push of a button.

The Siena Elite spa treatment chair is guaranteed to cradle your clients in luxurious comfort; it features Comfort Soul’s luxurious UltraPlush™ Cushioning System, which has 4 inches of triple-layered UltraPlush™ padding engineered at different densities to provide ultimate support and comfort. It doesn’t end there; the Memory Fit™ Face Cradle Pillow provides customers with the most comfortable face-down position possible, the PlushFit™ Neck Pillow provides extra comfort and support for the neck, and the PlushFit™ Head Pillow provides taller clients with head support even beyond the length of the bed, talk about all-around comfort! It is upholstered in DuraSoft™ PU vinyl which is soft, durable, waterproof, has an environmentally-friendly surface, and is easy to clean and maintain, making cleaning up between sessions a breeze.

Included Accessories:

  1. Comfort Soul ClickLock™ Arm Rest Set
  2. Comfort Soul SmoothLock™ Face Cradle: provides smooth and easy adjustments for Face Cradle Pillow and Head Pillow
  3. Comfort Soul MemoryFit™ Face Cradle Pillow: provides clients with the most comfortable face-down position possible
  4. Comfort Soul PlushFit™ Neck Pillow: provides extra comfort and support for the neck
  5. Comfort Soul PlushFit™ Head Pillow: provides taller clients with head support even beyond the length of the bed
  6. Electronic Multi-Function Hand Remote


  • Dimensions:
    • Default Position: 73”L x 30”W x 18”H
    • Arm Rest Dimensions: 32"L x 5"W x 3"H
    • Base Dimensions: 64”L x 25”W
    • Face Cradle Pillow: 12"L x 12"W x 3"
    • Thickness Head Pillow: 16"L x 12"W x 3"
    • Thickness Neck Pillow: 14"L x 10"W x 3"
    • Adjustable Height: 18" - 33" (Handicap Accessible)
    • Cushion Thickness: 4.5”
    • Maximum Lumbar Knee Height Adjustment: 5.25"
  • Section Lengths:
    • Back: 25" 
    • Middle Section I: 10" 
    • Middle section II: 12" 
    • Leg: 24" 
  • Voltage Used: 110v
  • Weight: 230 lbs.
    • Weight Capacity: 700 lbs.
    • Lifting Capacity: 500 lbs. 

Note: All heights measured from ground to top of seat cushion

Default position: Bed completely flat, lowest height, without attachments

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