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Touch America Therapist/Technician ProStool, WITH OR WITHOUT BACK

$197.00 - $248.00
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Product Description


  • Available with or without an adjustable back
  • Available in two different height ranges for a variety of services
  • Choose from six durable upholstery colors that will look upbeat in your spa or salon
  • 15 inch wide seat cushion
  • Star-shaped, chrome metal base and neoprene wheels


Every spa needs sturdy, comfortable and accessible stools for their therapists and technicians. The Touch America ProStool will fit the bill with or without a backrest. The adjustable height stool is available in a standard height of 19"-25" or a low height of 14.5"-17.5" - perfect for pedicures. The ProStool features a 15" wide, cushy seat with a super-durable cover, star-shaped, chrome metal base and neoprene wheels. If you are choosing the backrest, it is adjustable for both height and depth. Choose from six modern spa colors - black, almond, camel, white, pebble, or slate.


Weight: 17 lbs without back, 23 lbs with back

LEAD TIME: 2 - 4 weeks

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