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Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.

Oakworks Side Lying Positioning System

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Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.


Product Description


  • Helps relax and stabilize your client to make your work easier
  • Stretch soft tissues and mobilize joints with more ease
  • Side lying positions offer great access and greater flexibility in positioning
  • Great for patients with sinus issues or back pain
  • Oakworks' exclusive, PVC-free, 100% polyurethane faced fabric TerraTouch features a durable cloth backing, creating the perfect combination of suppleness and wear-ability

The Oakworks Side Lying Positioning System was designed with leading practitioners to safely support pregnant women throughout their pregnancy, and is also used in medical massage and sports massage.  The system ergonomically and correctly supports the patient for side lying positions. In development for almost a year with the help of top pregnancy instructors, who are very focused on correctly positioning people in the most comfortable way, every detail was considered. Each pad has unique features that insure that the client is properly supported.

Side Lying Headrest

Head Rest: Great cervical support and proper alignment support complete relaxation. The unique cut away design that supports the neck and head allows the arm to move, and the strap system allows the client to move their head from side to side.

Side Lying Pillow Cover

Pillow Cover: Hygienic and professional way to use a pillow. This pillow cover is made out of the same high quality 100% polyurethane fabric all our products are covered in. Easy to clean and professional looking.

Side Lying Adjustable Wedge

Adjustable Wedge: The wedge creates a custom fit for maximum comfort. Designed to be used almost anywhere, this small wedge makes a big difference in comfort.

Side Lying Torso Cushion

Torso Cushion: Comfort and security are achieved with this unique design. Featuring breast recesses. With our exclusive super soft Aero-cel foam system, the torso cushion gently lifts the shoulder and hip off the table to minimize pressure while cradling the client. Its special multi-density lower layers stabilize the rib cage to prevent rolling.

Side Lying Leg Cushion

Leg Cushion: Total relaxation of the leg and correct support of the hip is the goal. This unique design is generous in size, made of super soft Aero-cel foam, allows two different heights of support, and cradles the leg for added security. It can be used between the legs or as a support for the upper leg.

 Side Lying Strap

Strap: Turn your flat portable table into a backrest table. The strap system allows you to create a very secure backrest on your portable table, and it doubles as a shoulder strap that secures all the pads together for transport.


Covering: Meets the requirements of ISO 10993 Biological Evaluation of Medical devices & passes testing for CytotoxicitySkin Irritation & Sensitization as well as CA TB117 Fire Retardance testing. Please refer to the product cleaning instructions for a list of approved cleaners and disinfectants.

Warranty: 1-year parts

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