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Oakworks Shield, 48"W x 36"H Optically Clear Barrier

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Product Description


  • 48" wide x 36" high adjustable height barrier blocks aerosols and droplets
  • Place between client tables or between therapist and client
  • Optically clear material permits detailed aesthetic work.
  • Shield sits on stable 5-star wheel base to easily move about
  • Includes enough film to make 25 barriers - replacement barrier rolls available

Oakworks Shield is designed to reduce the risk of infection via aerosols and droplets by providing a barrier between aestheticians and clients that still permits crystal clear vision for the most detailed work. The optically clear film can be easily positioned into place as it sits on a 5-star wheeled base and is adjustable in height.  It can also effective be used to separate clients in multi-station rooms.  

View through the Shield by Oakworks

Oakworks Shield is designed to provide many months of crystal clear protection for your staff and clients from a single roll. Instead of expensive permanent installations of clear acrylic or plexiglass that get cloudy over time from scratches and get in the way, the shield is very flexible to meet the needs of individual aestheticians and the services they provide.

The barrier itself is in a roll form.  When the initial barrier becomes worn, just cut off old and pull out new material and clip in place with the two provided clips on the carbon fiber shield support arm.  The barrier roll is supported by a two-piece stainless steel pole that sits on a 5-star wheel base.  The shield can be cleaned and disinfected with Windex or a similar product to minimize cost and extend the use of the barrier.  Additional Oakworks Shield Rolls are available.  Each roll provides 25 shields.

Oakworks Shield Barrier - Making a new one

The unit comes partially disassembled, but assembles in just a few minutes.


  Barrier Size: 48" x 36" (shield area)
  Height Range: 8" to 38" (bottom of shield)

Weight: 11 lbs. without roll, 22 lbs. with roll

Warranty: 1-Year

Not FDA listed.


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