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Oakworks ProLuxe Convertible Lift - Change Portable into Electric

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Product Description

On backorder until October 2021.


  • Use the wooden portable massage table you already own - must be able to lay flat and be 27" to 33" wide and 72" to 75" long
  • Change massage table height with the included hand or foot control during treatments without disturbing your client
  • 16" electrically adjustable height range - starts around 20" so your shorter clients can easily climb aboard
  • Converts in less than a minute
  • Can use with a therapist stool

Transform your portable massage table into an electric lift massage table in less than a minute with the Oakworks ProLuxe™ Convertible.  Are you tired of bending over to constantly to adjust the height of your massage table? If you are adjusting the height more than a couple times a day then the ProLuxe Convertible is something you need, but at a fraction of the cost of a traditional electric lift massage table.  Simply fold your massage table flat by using the shiatsu option or by removing two bolts from the braces and place it on top of the base. Center the hinge and adjust the base supports one time. From now on you just need to secure the strap in the middle and you are ready to get to work! And all of your accessories will work too! Check out the video below to see this in action.

Your purchase includes either a foot or hand control or upgrade by purchasing an extra one. The control will raise or lower your table from 20 inches all the way to 36 inches in under a minute. The actual height depends on your portable table's padding thickness. The ProLuxe Convertible frame goes from 15" - 32.5".  The powerful motor lifts up to 450 lbs and the super stable design insures your clients feel safe.

You know what kind of work is going to be the most effective that day for your client, and customizing the height of your table to match your modality helps you be more effective and conserve energy. Changing your position and approach allows you to use different muscle groups and deal with any physical issues you might have. Changing the height of the table during the session allows you to choose how you work. 

If you find you will want to bring the ProLuxe Convertible Lift with you to answer outcalls order the casters, which will increase mobility and functionality allowing you to move your table any way you want, across the floor, or up and down stairs with ease.

Note: This table base is shown with the OPTIONAL Oakworks Nova™ Portable table on the picture above.  Product is sold without a portable table mounted to it. Specifications are dependent on your portable table when mounted to the ProLuxe Convertible frame.


Fits portable tables 27” - 33” wide.  Works with rectangular, round corner, or backrest portable tables.

Dimensions:  66"L x 29"W

Height Range: 20" - 36"

Weight: 115 lbs

Lift Capacity: Weight limit is defined by the portable table used with this product. (If the portable table has a weight limit of 450 lbs, then the system is 450 lbs) up to a maximum of 550 lbs.

Electronics:  120v or 220v electric motor (1) low voltage hand control or (1) low voltage foot control


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