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Oakworks Portable Massage Table Package, ONE

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  • 3" CFC-free multi-layer padding
  • Includes Integra Hinge, wooden knobs, Unilock closure system, Ultimate Access End Panel & Shiatsu Cables, and the patented SlideLock
  • Oakworks' exclusive, PVC-free, 100% polyurethane faced fabric TerraTouch features a durable cloth backing, creating the perfect combination of suppleness and wear-ability
  • Package includes: QuickLock Face Rest Platform with Aero-cel™ Facerest Crescent, arm hammock and Essential carry case
  • Assembled by hand in the USA

The One Portable Massage Table Package by OAKWORKS® is built to meet the needs of a budget-conscious massage therapist looking for an inexpensive portable massage table without compromising on product quality. That makes it a great first table for students, or a home spa or gym. This table is built with many of the same features and patented details as Oakworks other professional massage tables.

The table features Shiatsu cables and Oakworks' CableLock System where stronger cables are designed not to stretch or fail even under the heaviest loads. The free access end panel allows the therapist to use a stool with legroom under the table.  The structure engineered leg extension system adjusts from 24 - 34" and is designed to use only one knob instead of two and offers more strength than any other system on the market.  And, the table handles are reinforced, padded and T-nutted to the frame for added durability.

Choose a TerraTouch upholstery color that will match your business style guide, or stand out among the crowd with a bright and brilliant color. Oakworks® exclusive medical grade fabric is PVC-free.  The 100% polyurethane faced fabric features a durable cloth backing, creating the perfect combination of suppleness and wear-ability. It can be disinfected with hospital grade disinfectants recommended by the CDC for killing COVID-19 and is certified against cytotoxicity and skin irritation.

Additional Features:

Access End Panel from Oakworks

Ultimate Access End Panel - provides space and access at the end of the tables for therapist legs under the table at the height you work, offering the best access on the market

Integra Hinge from Oakworks

Patented Integra Hinge™ - incredibly strong and lighter weight than traditional piano hinges

Unilock from Oakworks

UniLock™ - super quick, easy to use closure system

Cablelock System from Oakworks

Cable lock system - strongest cables available, designed not to stretch or fail even under the heaviest loads

Shiatsu Cable

Shiatsu Cables - The shiatsu cables allow the table to be laid flat on the floor

Plush Foam for Oakworks Portable Massage Tables

Padding - 3" multi-layer, super supportive multi-density system for optimal comfort and durability. Its perfect balance of softness and support make this padding ideal for bringing relaxation to clients everywhere. Weighs 2-3 pounds more than semi-firm.

Package Includes:

Quicklock Face Rest Platform and Pillow

Aero-cel™ Facerest Crescent and QuickLock Face Rest Platform -  A full 4" thick Aero-Cel™ pad supports your client comfortably in either a prone or supine position. This versatile pad can be adjusted to fit almost any client's face. Support narrow and broad faces comfortably. Turn it around on your face rest platform to create a great cervical pillow that cradles the neck and head for supine treatments. The face rest has double articulating adjustability, which means it has  virtually unlimited positioning.  This ensures a perfect fit for all body types and even helps with positioning clients with cervical injuries. 

Arm Hammock

Arm Hammock - Comfortably and easily support your client's arms in the prone position. The unique design accommodates a wider range of people than competitive products due to its adjustability.

Essential Carry Case

Essential Carry CaseIncludes a a large pocket, shoulder strap, handles, and dual-slide zippers in durable black Polyester to protect your portable massage table during transport.


Dimensions: 73"L x 29 or 31"W x 24-34"H
Weight: 32-34 lbs
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs.


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