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We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.


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Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.

Product Description


  • Compact ultraviolet germicidal sanitizer effectively cleans beauty instruments
  • Sliding door permits access without turning the UV light on or off for longer bulb life and lowers operating costs
  • State-of-the-art transparent and infrangible plastic door blocks UV light and eliminates the danger of breaking glass
  • Ozone free UVC G4T5 bulb, 4 watts, length: 6", 8,000 hours
  • Plugs into standard 110 outlet


Cleanmaker Sanitizer is compact yet has plenty of sanitization room to sterilize salon and spa implements.  It takes 5 minutes to sterilize flat objects and 30 minutes for curved.  The opportunities are endless for sterilization, too.  Ultra Violet sterilization works on water, towels, beauty implements, and even face masks (watch the video below).

Cleanmaker UV Sterilizer schematic

Conventional sterilizers require the UV light to be turned off when the door is opened to protect the operator's eyes.  This shortens the life of the bulbs and increases operational costs.  The Cleanmaker Sterilizer utilizes a unique rotating window design made from state-of-the-art transparent and infrangible plastic, which blocks UV light and eliminates the danger of glass breakage.  It also allows the UV bulb to remain on when the door is opened, thus guaranteeing lower operating costs and longer bulb life.  This also means there is no on/off switch providing trouble-free operation.

Includes a long-lasting G4T5 4 watt UV bulb and an easy access tray. UV resistant materials are used in the manufacture of the cover and door on the Cleanmaker Sanitizer to protect the technician’s eyes and skin.


Voltage: 110V
Frequency: 60 Hertz
Power: 7W

Product Dimensions: 11.5"L x 10"W x 8"H
Inner Chamber Dimensions:  9.5"L×9"W×5.5"H
Weight: 4.5 lbs

Owner's Manual

G4T5 4 Watt 30 Volt UV Germicidal Lamp:

UV germicidal lamps are used in air and water purification systems as well as other applications to inactivate microorganisms such as bacteria, germs, mold, and viruses by destroying their DNA.

G4T5 Specifications:

Wattage: 4 Watts 
Voltage: 30 Volts
Spectral Output: 253.7nm 
Base Type: G5
Average Life Hours: 8,000 Hours 
Primary Applications: food processing, medical facilities, air conditioning systems, pharmaceutical production, clean rooms, drinking water purification, photochemistry, phototherapy, dermatology, sterilization, and disinfection 
Warning: Protect your eyes and skin when operating Germicidal Lamps. Equipment should be designed to completely screen or filter UV-C radiation. 

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