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ERC Performance Disinfecting Wipes Starter Kit, 2 Wipes Rolls + 2 Buckets

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  • Performance Disinfecting Wipes have an antibacterial formula that cleans and disinfects in one step - kills 99.9% of bacteria in 15 seconds!
  • Wipes Dispenser Buckets offer a convenient and portable wipe dispensing solution
  • Kills SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, on hard non-porous surfaces in just 30 seconds!
  • Bleach-free, benzyl-alcohol-free, citrus-free, and phenol-free - safe on most surfaces
  • Specifically intended for use in spa, massage parlors, beauty parlors, hospitals, and gyms - perfect for high-frequency touchpoints

The ERC Performance Disinfecting Wipes Starter Kit, 2 Wipes Rolls + 2 Buckets is a sanitation must-have for every spa, beauty parlor, or massage parlor for maintaining high hygiene levels. This convenient kit includes two large wipe rolls and two dispensing buckets; the wipes have an antibacterial formula that effectively cleans, sanitizes, and disinfects hard surfaces in one quick step while the dispensing buckets offer a convenient portable wipe dispensing solution, are easy to fill, and dispense one wipe at a time. 

Bleach-free, benzyl-alcohol-free, citrus-free, and phenol-free, these Performance Disinfecting Wipes Kill SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19, on hard non-porous surfaces in just 30 seconds! They also Kill 99.9% of bacteria in just 15 seconds. They are EPA registered, can be safely used on most surfaces and are perfect for high-frequency touchpoints such as doorknobs, light switches, handles, phones, desks, and are specifically intended for use in spas, massage parlors, beauty parlors, gyms, hospitals, critical care areas, veterinary clinics, laboratories, transport vehicles, schools, shopping centers, catering facilities, and daycare centers.

The ERC Performance Disinfecting wipes come in large rolls with 800 wipes per roll offer the wettest wipe option, and when used with their corresponding dispensing buckets, are easily accessible and portable. They are also easy to dispense after use. 


  • Wipe size: 8”L x 6”W
  • 800 wipes per roll
  • Four rolls per case
  • 3200 wipes per case 
  • Level of wetness: Wettest

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