Earthlite Portable Massage Table Package, AVALON XD

Earthlite Avalon XD
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Designed by experts for the serious therapists, this Earthlite Avalon XD™ Portable ... Read More

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Designed by experts for the serious therapists, this Earthlite Avalon XD™ Portable Massage Table Package features our well-known and loved half Reiki/half standard endplates, providing unbeatable stability, sturdiness, and comfort. Using our CFC-free upholstery and FormFit™ cushion, not to mention our Flex-Rest Self Adjusting Facecradle, this full body table will get your customers coming back for more, allowing maximum comfort and complete luxury.

The Avalon XD Massage Table is full length, measuring 73" long, 30" wide and 23" - 33" tall, your clients will have more than enough room to move around and find a position that suits them best. Weighing only 33 pounds, this table can also be folded and taken from one place to another. But just because this table is portable doesn't mean it's not comfortable. On the contrary, this table features a 2 ¾" cushioning system that envelops the client with it's buttery, smooth sensation. Save money and purchase this table along with a flex-rest adjusting facecradle, FormFit™ memory cushion, and a sleek and professional carrying case.

This package includes the following:

  • The Avalon XD Portable Massage Table
  • Flex-Rest Self Adjusting Facecradle
  • FormFit™ memory cushion
  • Single Pocket Carrying case


  • Managed forest hard Maple legs, braces and outlets
  • Aircraft quality Russian Birch plywood decking
  • Full-length piano hinge
  • Mid-brace™ Cradle-lock Cabling System with 1,000-lb. test cables
  • Shiatsu release cables
  • Half Reiki/half standard endplates
  • 2 ¾" Cushioning System
  • Natursoft™ Upholstery in 5 colors
  • Flex-Rest™ Facecradle
  • Dual Maple headrest outlets
  • Non-slip, Stablefoot™ Traction Pads


  • Weight: 33 - 34 lbs
  • Width: 30
  • Length: 73
  • Height Range: 23 - 33
  • Static Weight: 3000 lbs
  • Max. Working Weight: 750 lbs
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • CE Mark

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