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The Earthlite MediSport™ Chiropractic Massage Table is a great all around portable table that is super strong. Some may question the ability of a portable table to be able to be as sturdy as a stationary table. However the Earthlite MediSport™ has been narrowly designed for maximum strength while allowing easy access to the client without jeopardizing comfort and/or the integrity of the table itself.

This is all thanks to the table's heavy duty frame and low height. The compact design that provides outstanding support and stability. The 1.5 " multi density cushioning system of the Earthlite MediSport™ 

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Key Features:
• Managed forest hard Maple legs, braces, and outlets
• Aircraft quality Russian Birch plywood decking
• Hardwood reinforcing ribs
• Full-length piano hinge
• 1 ½” multi-density cushioning system
• Nature’s Touch™ upholstery in Black or Agate
• Non-slip, Stablefoot™ Traction Pads
• Low height range
• Package includes: Traditional facehole, filler plug and single pocket carry case

• Weight: 34 lbs
• Width: 25”
• Length: 73”
• Height Range: 17.5” - 26.5”
• Static Weight: 3200 lbs
• Max. Working Weight: 800 lbs
• Lifetime Limited Warranty

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