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Earthlite Massage Table Armrest Bolster

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Product Description

The Earthlite armrest bolster comes in a set of two lightweight, easy to install bolsters used to add an extra 10 inches to the width of your massage table. They connect to the table using Velcro strapping and are held securely in place by three nylon web straps, each with a cinch connector. These arm rests are designed to support the arms of slightly larger clients to help ensure a comfortable experience on the table for all.

Earthlite armrest bolsters are environmentally friendly and filled with non-CFC foam. Each side measures 5 inches x 29 inches and are upholstered with Earthlite's rich Natursoft™ fabric giving them a silky smooth feel. Natursoft™ upholstery is easy to clean, durable, and soft to the touch. 

Complete with a limited warranty, this bolster set is available in Marie's Beige or Black only. 


  • Easy to attach vector straps
  • Available in Marie's Beige or Black


  • Width: 5”
  • Height:4”
  • Length: 29"

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