EarthLite Infinity Conforma Portable Massage Table Package

Earthlite Infinity Conforma
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Designed to provide extra spinal alignment and breast support for clients who need it, allow supe ... Read More

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Designed to provide extra spinal alignment and breast support for clients who need it, allow superior access to the client for the therapist, and meet the natural contours of the body, the EarthLite Infinity Conforma Massage Table Package is in a class all by itself. The Conforma technology is enabled by zipper released flex panels. This works by just unzipping the table top upholstery to provide additional comfort and release tension. For the traditional cushioning feel, you just close the zipper.

When it comes to massage supplies and accessories, EarthLite is the number one brand on the globe. Due to their commitment to the environment, they have incorporated recycling into every step of their production process. Designed and manufactured to the strictest standards for quality, EarthLite produces only the most competitively priced accessories and supplies. With products made with integrity, they aim to help heal humanity.

The Infinity Conforma utilizes the Pro-Plush Deluxe premium proprietary cushioning for maximum client comfort. For relaxation, this triple density system has cushioning that is three inches thick. This table comes with Half Reiki Half Standard endplates. The cushion is covered with buttery soft yet eco-friendly NaturSoft™ upholstery. Also available is UltraLeather™ upholstery if you would prefer. For a gentle touch on your body when you push up against the table and for a stylish finish, the corners are beautifully rounded and padded.

The Infinity Conforma is made here in the United States from environmentally conscious materials from around the world. The table weighs at least 32 pounds, which makes it a portable options for providing massages at client's homes, area businesses, trade shows, or anywhere else your services are needed. The table will even accommodate your more rotund clients, since its heavy duty construction can handle 800 pounds. Also, with the telescoping legs, you will be able to adjust the height of the table to between 23 inches to 33 inches.


*This table is custom made, please allow 5-7 business day for it to be built and shipped