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Earthlite HARMONY DX Portable Massage Table Package

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Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.


Product Description


  • Value - The Harmony DX has stood the test of time. Our customers love it for its long-lasting durability and affordable price
  • Comfort - The plush 2 ½" dual-layer cushioning system and buttery soft, and durable Nature's Touch upholstery will please your clients
  • Function - The table can support a 600 lb. working weight and is built with baltic birch decking and an advanced cabling system, so you can trust the table you're working on
  • Portability - Take the table with you. The Harmony DX folds compactly with the full-length piano hinge supporting the fold and is easily transportable in the single-pocket carrying case
  • Eco-Friendly Construction - Made with water-based lacquers and glues, eco-friendly materials, hard maple from managed forests, and a CFC-free cushioning system—the Harmony DX doesn't compromise when it comes to the environment

If you're looking for a portable massage table that combines comfort, stability, durability, and affordability, look no further.  We believe the Harmony DX Portable Massage Table from Earthlite is one of, if not the best, portable massage table packages on the market for its value. We’ve heard from many customers who swear by this table for how well it holds up.

The Harmony DX Earthlite massage table boasts sturdy maple legs and a lightweight, durable Baltic birch tabletop for optimal structure. Did you know? Baltic birch is a popular furniture-making plywood that's naturally stronger and more durable than other types of plywood yet is lighter. This makes the combination of the ultra-sturdy maple legs and lightweight Baltic birch top the perfect structural choice for your massage table.

The superior craftsmanship of the Harmony DX is confirmed by the review of one of ours happy customers, Terri R. "I truly, absolutely love my Harmony massage table. The quality of materials used on the Earthlite Harmony table exceeded my expectations. I am ecstatic with my purchase."

Robin B. also testifies "What a fantastic table! Very sturdy and reliable. Well made and very comfortable. Great quality!!" 

Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Features

The innovative Mid-Brace™ Cradle-lock Cabling System with 1,000 lbs test cables ensures unparalleled stability and longevity. This provides unmatched stability during sessions by preventing side wobbling and rocking, enhances the table's weight capacity, and guarantees longevity. The cables are visible on the underside of the table.

The table uses a full-length piano hinge for added support, eliminating movement during massages. Which would you prefer - a hinge on each end or a hinge supporting the entire table top?

Multi-Density Foam 2.5"

All cushioning is not created equal. The Harmony DX's 2 ½" dual-layer, CFC-free cushioning offers clients exceptional comfort and eco-friendly support. It culminates decades of expertise developing the best balance of comfort and support. The firm inner support with a softer outer wrap has an excellent bounce back and offers incredible client support, creating that exceptional 'ahh' moment of comfort for your clients. CFC-free means that the cushioning system does not contain chlorofluorocarbons that damage the environment and contribute to greenhouse gases. 

One of our customers Sarah W. attests to how comfortable the Harmony DX is, she says "Clients enjoy how comfy it is. Head rest is (okay hand emoji communicating strong approval)"

Patrick O. also bears witness to the Harmony DX's comfort, "This is a very comfortable table. I look forward to clients commenting on it as soon as they lay down. It makes me look better!"

Measuring 73" x 30", the Earthlite Harmony DX table is adjustable from 23” to 33” in height for versatile massage techniques and client sizes. To adjust the height:

  1. Loosen the rubber knob in a counterclockwise direction.
  2. Once it is loose, separate it from the leg and frame.
  3. Place the leg at the new desired height and position it back over the metal thread.
  4. Reattach the rubber knob and tighten it onto the metal thread to secure the leg in place.

The size and height adjustability of this massage table for sale enhances its versatility by ensuring maximum maneuverability, allowing therapists to perform different techniques.

Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Colors

The Harmony DX Earthlite Portable Massage Table is upholstered in durable, buttery soft, easy-to-clean, and eco-friendly Nature's Touch upholstery - scratch and wear-resistant. It has undergone the widely used Martindale Abrasion test, where the upholstery fabric has been rubbed against an abrasive material in a circular motion – simulating the everyday stress the massage table will receive. Nature’s Touch upholstery sets the benchmark with 250,000 cycles and a peel strength as high as 3cm25N. Truly a durable yet comfortable upholstery for your massage table. To top it all off, not only does Nature's Touch upholstery feel incredible against the skin, but it's also kinder to the planet.

There is no need to worry about weight capacity either; the Earthlite Harmony DX can accommodate a steady working weight of up to 600 pounds - much more than competitive tables. It can also hold a static weight of 2400 pounds; talk about strength!

The Harmony DX Earthlite portable massage table also features dual maple headrest outlets set at 9” center to add a headrest or footrest securely. Non-slip Stablefoot™ Traction Pads create a steady, non-slipping grip on any surface.

As one of the best massage tables on the market, the Harmony DX effortlessly combines value with portability, comfort, and functionality.

Earthlite is globally recognized for its commitment to environmentally friendly construction, and the Harmony DX is a prime example of this. The Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table is proudly crafted with careful precision, using only water-based lacquers and glues and sticking to eco-friendly materials that won't harm our planet. This massage table for sale is made with a whole lot of skill, a whole lot of heart, and a whole lot of care for Mother Earth. AND it comes with a lifetime limited warranty. This bold warranty ensures you can benefit from years of worry-free use of arguably the best portable massage table.

When you purchase the Harmony DX Earthlite Portable Massage Table, you're not just investing in a product; you're investing in an experience!

Package Includes:

Deluxe Headrest Platform

The Deluxe Adjustable Headrest is angle and height adjustable, allowing for perfect positioning of clients for any treatment. Both adjustments can be conveniently controlled with one effortless shift using the single cam lever located on the platform. Once you've found your desired position and adjusted, the mechanism securely locks into place. The headrest boasts a universal design with dowels measuring 8" apart, in line with the design standards of Earthlite massage tables. This simple yet effective adjustment system ensures maximum comfort and convenience. On top of that, the deluxe adjustable headrest folds compactly for convenient storage.

Earthlite Massage Table FacePillow

FacePillow: The FacePillow boasts the exclusive Cloud Comfort Cushioning System™ that’s designed to conform to the contours of the face, providing an incredibly plush and dream-like pillow experience. This innovative system significantly reduces facial pressure and alleviates sinus pressure.

The Cloud Comfort Cushioning System features a proprietary cloud-fill Polygel fiber blend. Poly gel fiber is a hypoallergenic synthetic material designed to mimic the feel and properties of natural down or feather fill while eliminating the cause of allergies or irritation to sensitive skin. Polygel fiber is known for its softness, resilience, and ability to provide support and comfort. It can help align the spine and relieve pressure points, leading to a more comfortable and relaxing massage. Polygel fiber also has excellent loft retention, meaning it can maintain its fullness and shape over time. This is important for face pillows, as it ensures optimal head and neck support during massage and lasts a long time.

The face pillow is wrapped in luxurious, durable, and comfortable Comfort-Flex Upholstery with premium double-needle stitching.

Earthlite Basic Portable Table Carry Case

The heavy-duty nylon-constructed Carry Case protects your Harmony DX massage table, guards against bumps and scrapes, and carries additional supplies. Its comfortable padded shoulder strap allows you to balance the table's weight evenly between your shoulder and the opposite arm. It has a reinforced bottom, a large pocket, and a convenient internal accessories pouch to hold all your essential supplies and accessories.


  • Dimensions: 73"L x 30"W x 23" - 33"H
  • Weight: 34 lbs
  • Max. Static Weight: 2400 lbs
  • Max. Working Weight: 600

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WARNING. This product can expose you to chemicals, including Cumene and Toluene, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Massage Tables Now is an authorized distributor of Earthlite products. To learn more about Earthlite and their warranty click here.

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What is the Warranty offered for the Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package?

The Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table Package comes with a lifetime limited warranty. It is guaranteed excluding foam and upholstery, against defects in material and workmanship for as long as you, the original purchaser, own the product, or for five (5) years after the product is discontinued or modified. Foam and upholstery are warranted for three (3) years, platforms are warranted for one (1) year, and electrical components are warranted for two (2) years from the original date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, accidents, or neglect, which includes tears in the upholstery and damage caused by improper cleaning. For more detailed information about the warranty, kindly refer to our Earthlite Warranty page.

How do I clean and maintain the Earthlite Harmony DX Portable Massage Table?

Remove day-to-day dirt with a mild soap and warm water solution, and gently wipe the surface dry. Please follow the use instructions below to maximize the life of your upholstery:

  1. For disinfecting or tougher stains, we recommend a 1:10 bleach/water-based solution or one of the cleaning and disinfecting products listed below.
  2. Avoid saturating or soaking the fabric with cleaner/disinfectant.
  3. Rinse with clean water after exposure to eliminate residue and gently dry with a soft cloth.

Following these guidelines will extend the life of the fabric, threads, seams, and cushioning that may potentially be impacted by disinfectant residue. Please use all cleaning and disinfecting agents as instructed. The use of other cleaning agents, disinfectants, conditioners, or protectants such as Armor All®, acetones, or citrus-based solvents can degrade fabric performance and may void Earthlite’s warranty.

For intensive healthcare applications, contact us for alternative upholstery options. Extended and sustained exposure to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and damp/highly humid environments will shorten fabric life and may void Earthlite's warranty. Avoid exposure to adhesives and abrasive materials.

Keep your table out of extreme cold or heat as this may damage the upholstery. Do not store the table in a vehicle, as that could expose it to intense temperature variations. For best results, transport and store the table in a carry case to protect and preserve the upholstery.

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We're experts in massage supplies and only sell the world's best. We aim to delight our customers with quality products they can trust and great service. We don't want your business for just one purchase; we want your business for years to come.

We are a leading, authorized distributor of Earthlite products and offer the best prices around. On top of that, we pride ourselves on ensuring that you receive the professional and prompt service you deserve. 

Our customer support team is available via phone, chat, and email. Don't get stuck talking to a robot when you need support! We focus on offering updated, accurate, and helpful product content so you can make educated purchasing decisions to boost the success of your massage therapy and practice.

The excellence of our customer service team is affirmed in a review left by one of our verified buyers Daniel O. who says, "We are very pleased with the Earthlite massage table we purchased from Massage Tables Now. It is very light which makes moving it very easy! But it is also very durable. Delivered in a timely manner and the customer support team is very helpful and professional. We will absolutely be back for any Massage table needs!"

In the highly unlikely event that something goes wrong with your order or shipment, we will work closely with you to resolve the issue.

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