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The Earthlite Everest Spa™ Tilt Single Pedestal Electric Lift massage table is a top of the line choice for the discerning professional massage therapist looking to take their business to the next level in luxury. This resort quality table is perfect for both resorts and day spas alike, and everything in between. This is the table for the massage therapist that is serious about their work through providing exceptional service and luxurious accommodation.

Earthlite Natursoft Upholstery ColorsThe table isn't just a great looking of addition to your practice; it's much more. The functionality is versatile and smooth due to its Tilting and vertical lift capabilities; At the push of a button the massage therapist commands full control of the fully electric version of this table for themselves and the client. If you will not be changing table positions often or are budget is a concern, you can choose the manual tilt option at a lower price point.

The lift function is consistent with the strength and quality offered in other great lift tables offered by Earthlite. It utilizes a strong and reliable electric lift actuator to smoothly and noiselessly adjust the table height. An easy to use foot pedal controls the lift actuator.

The tilt function can be controlled in one of two ways, manually, in the manual tilt version or opt for our fully electric model for full electric tilt. 

Customize the table to meet your needs choosing your width and choice of 14 Natursoft upholstery colors. The Base's stain comes in 2 standard finishes with 18 stain upgrade options available to match a any décor.

Reach us via chat, email or call to discuss any of the features below.

Sleek Single Pedestal Design
• Ce approved
• Heavy duty steel frame leg and knee room for greater client access.

Quiet, Reliable Single Column Lift
• Whisper quiet and ulta-reliable electric actuator for on-demand height adjustments.
• Maximizes therapist leg and knee room for greater client access.

Variety of Tops Luxuriously Upholstered
• Premium Pro-Plush™ Deluxe Cushioning - 3", triple density system for ultimate comfort.
• Buttery soft, eco-friendly Natursoft™ upholstery in 14 colors.
• Choose your style - traditional rounded corners for comfort, squared corners for an expanded work surface or tapered ends for progressive style with ultimate client access.

Tilt and Salon Options
• Non-electric - economical manual tilt option offers great flexibility with adjustments.
• Enables expanded services including facials, medi-treatments and more.
• Fully electric tilt option available.

Standard Features
• Heavy Duty Steel Frame
• Reliable Motor
• Manual Tilt Top
• Square Salon Corners
• Pro-Plush™ Deluxe Salon 3-Layer 3” Cushioning System
• Natursoft™ Upholstery – 100% PU
• Natural Maple Finish
• Hands-Free Foot Control
• Made in the USA with components sourced globally

Optional Features
• Custom Stains or Lacquers
• Flex Arms, Neck Roll and Head Pillow
• Embedded facecradle

• Weight: 335 lbs
• Width Options: 28”, 30”, 32”
• Length: 73”
• Height Range: 25”-37”
• Recommended Lift Capacity: 600 lbs
• Lifetime Limited Warranty
• CE Mark

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