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Touch America HydroMassage Table, NEPTUNE, SofTop Battery Lift

Price: $4,495.00
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Product Description


  • Designed for wet or dry massage treatments - includes matching, removable, fitted top cover
  • Battery powered table has the lifting capacity of 375 lbs. and a static weight capacity of 800 lbs.
  • Outdoor-grade, white powder-coated anodized aluminum center pedestal provides stability and durability
  • Tapered tabletop provides comfortable space for the client and easy access for the technician
  • Drain the table directly into a floor drain or bucket


Wet or dry massage treatments are easier with Touch America's Neptune SofTop motorized lift wet/dry massage table, which features a molded-acrylic drain system to divert water and products away from the client and keep floors drier during hydrotherapy treatments. The combination of a super-comfortable 3.5" thick top, seamless, marine-grade vinyl, and Fomentek water bag insures warmth and supreme comfort. The padded top sits above an acrylic shell with a built-in channel to direct water to a 1.5" drain opening at foot end. Leveling feet can be adjusted to tilt foot end slightly lower to help drainage. The included 41" long 1.5" diameter flexible drain hose directs water into a floor drain (recommended) or a bucket.

The powerful 24v 4.5 A/h battery lift is operated by a 2-button hand control mounted to the underside of the top and includes a charger and can change the table height from 24.5" to 34.5". Outdoor-grade, white powder-coated anodized aluminum center pedestal provides stability and durability.

The table is contoured with a 35" wide torso section that tapers to 31" for the leg section. This provides space for clients while allowing easy access for the therapist. The table support column is recessed 15.3" from the edge of the table to provide plenty of space to gracefully move around the table without tripping.

The table is available in white, black, almond, pebble, slate, or camel and includes a matching, removable, fitted top cover for dry massage.

Optional Upgrades:

  • Vichy Shower features 8 adjustable showerheads with individual shut-off, thermostatic mixing valve, thermostat, handheld shower wand, and a swiveling rainbar. Available in 72 or 96 inch lengths.
  • Contour FaceSpace w/ Neptune Pillow (white pillow only)
  • Wet Spa Bolster 27" x 6" (dark blue PVC; water resistant)


Lifting capacity: 375 lbs.
Static weight capacity: 800 lbs.

Dimensions: 82"L x 35"W x 24.5" to 34.5"H (spring-button manual adjustment)
Legs recessed 10" at each end
Weight: 275 lbs

Warranty: Structure: 2-years on replacement parts and 1-year on labor**
Foam Pad: Guaranteed to arrive in good condition
Mechanical: 2-years on materials
**Labor warranty for customers in USA only

Lead Time: 2 - 4 weeks

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