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Oakworks Massage Table Face Rest Cover, AERO-CEL

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Product Description

Protect your Oakworks Aero-Cel Face Rest and your clients with the Medical Grade SpaMed™ fabric cover that can be disinfected with hospital grade disinfectants as recommended by the CDC for killing COVID-19. The cover is waterproof and washable. It ships in the available color from Black, Gray, or Royal Blue. ISO 10993 Certified. Face Rest not Included. One-year guarantee. ***Designed to fit Oakworks Aero-Cel Face Rest only.***

The waterproof, medical grade fabric is designed to withstand the harsh disinfectants the CDC recommends to kill viruses. No other product on the market has been tested and proven in the harsh disinfectant environments that SpaMed™ has been subjected to over the 15 years of its use in hospitals on Oakworks Medical products. It's important for practitioners to understand that all sheets and any layers beneath them that are not separated by a waterproof barrier must be changed with every client. All fleeces, table warmers, or extra layers of material including blankets must be washed and sanitized appropriately and replaced for every client. All surfaces that were in close proximity to the clients must be disinfected regularly, as well. SpaMed™, used on all our products, passes ISO 10993 standards for use in medical environments. The degree of disinfecting found in hospitals can be accomplished with our products without damage to the fabric, therefore protecting your investments.

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