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We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.

NOVO Luxury Plastic Surgery Chair + Replaceable Cushions

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  • VELOCE White Spa Trolley + Glass Shelves

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Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.

Product Description


  • Replaceable cushions - change the color easily or replace when worn
  • Four motors control height, backrest, footrest, and up to 25-degree chair tilt - put the chair into zero-gravity or Trendelenburg position
  • Controls are built into the backrest, footrest, and seat so that you can make chair adjustments from multiple positions
  • Memory function brings the chair back to a zero position
  • Includes removable armrests and an adjustable headrest with a face hole, all covered in high-grade polyurethane upholstery that is easy to clean with warm water

The NOVO Luxury Plastic Surgery Chair epitomizes comfort and functionality for all your spa treatments. Replaceable cushions provide you with a lot of flexibility. Now there is no need to replace the entire chair when the cushions are worn. You also have the freedom to update the chair with a new color. And they are super easy to change out. Replaceable cushions mean you save money!

 Nova Removable Cushions

Four powerful motors control height, backrest, footrest, and chair tilt (up to 25 degrees), giving you complete control over your client's positioning. Imagine the convenience of controlling these settings from multiple positions, thanks to the built-in backrest, seat, and footrest controls. Hand and foot controls are available as upgrade options. The memory function conveniently brings the chair back to zero. The Novo Plastic Surgery Chair can also be placed in the Trendelenburg and zero-gravity positions. (Additional information in the FAQ section below).

Novo Facial Chair Dimensions

Other chair features include:

  • High-grade polyurethane upholstery that is easy to clean with warm water
  • Removable armrests
  • Adjustable headrest with a face hole for prone treatments

Get ready to pamper your clients in style with the NOVO Luxury Plastic Surgery Chair - because beauty and comfort complement each other.


  • Dimensions: 73"L x 34"W x 23 - 34"H
  • Weight: 230 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 385 lbs.
  • Power Requirement: 110V
  • Warranty: Two-year


Comparison of Novo & Euphoria Plastic Surgery Chairs

Upholstery Options:

Novo Upholstery

Available Upgrade Options:

Palisade Hand Control Foot Control

Foot and/or Hand Control: While this chair is designed with toggle switches to adjust the chair positions foot and hand controls are also available. A great addition depending upon your service menu.

Palisade Footrest Cover

Foot Rest Cover: Protect the foot of your chair with a durable plastic cover designed especially for this chair.

Palisade Paper Holder

Paper Roll Holder: A paper roll holder can be added to the chair to easily cover the chair in protective paper.

Available Accessories:

ComfortLift Stool

Add a ComfortLift Backed Stool, 1025B, to your order. Designed with comfort in mind, the professional therapist stool features an ergonomic curved back, providing optimal support throughout the day. The highly stable 5-wheel chrome base ensures smooth mobility, while the three gas lift levers allow for easy height, backrest, and tilt adjustment. With a weight capacity of up to 385 pounds, this medical stool is built to last. Its high-grade polyurethane upholstery is effortless to clean with warm water. Elevate your practice with the ultimate in comfort and functionality.


What are the benefits of putting a plastic surgery chair into a zero-gravity position?

Positioning a plastic surgery chair in a zero-gravity mode brings numerous benefits to the patient and the surgeon. The term 'zero-gravity' refers to a balanced body posture where the patient's body is uniformly supported, with their feet slightly elevated above their heart level. This positioning imitates the sensation of weightlessness that astronauts experience in space and presents an array of advantages.

  1. The zero-gravity position fosters tranquility and minimizes muscle strain. As patients recline in this posture, their body weight is evenly spread out, mitigating pressure on particular spots. This action aids in alleviating any existing discomfort or tension, enabling patients to unwind completely during their procedure. Moreover, raising the feet aids blood flow improvement and lessens swelling - all contributing towards enhancing overall relaxation.
  2. The position of zero-gravity holds considerable advantages for the surgeon. The slight elevation of the patient's head simplifies access to their face, neck, and upper chest. Such a strategic placement ensures that different procedures can be executed more efficiently and comfortably. This approach also lessens physical stress on their back, shoulders, and arms, encouraging healthier ergonomics while averting exhaustion through extensive procedures.
  3. Further still, the zero-gravity posture can boost certain procedures' efficacy. The gentle rise in head positioning could help subside swelling.

In conclusion, placing a plastic surgery chair in a zero-gravity position offers many benefits for the patient and the surgeon. It promotes relaxation, reduces muscle tension, improves accessibility, enhances the effectiveness of procedures, and overall provides a more luxurious and comfortable experience. 

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