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Holistic Alchemy Herbal Comfort Pack

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  • Fleece side releases moist heat held by rice and herbs
  • Hard herbs can be reheated over and over for years of use and aromatherapy benefits
  • Can be used in hot or cold treatments
  • Use during massage to relax stressed muscles or ease pain throughout the body
  • Eco-friendly fleece is made with recycled plastic bottles

The Holistic Alchemy Herbal Comfort Pack from Earthlite calms the nervous system and induces deep relaxation during massage or facial treatments when warmed and placed on the tummy, lower back, or along the spine. Specially crafted with Earthlite's signature cinnamon spice blend of aromatic herbs and natural rice for a relaxing aromatherapy session as well. Encased in durable fabric and Eco-Fleece made from recycled plastic water bottles.

The Herbal Comfort Pack provides both moist heat and cold therapies, keys to providing relief for everyday stress and tension. Heat in the microwave, fleece side up, for 2 minutes. Continue heating in 30 second intervals if needed until desired temperature is reached. You can also spray the soft side lightly with water. Place in a plastic bag in the freezer for 1-2 hours. Remove from plastic bag and wrap in a towel to avoid direct skin contact.

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