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Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.

Hi5 Vibrating Massage Gun, RADIOHEAD

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Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.

Product Description


  • 6mm stroke can accurately reach deep muscle quickly eliminating soreness and tightness and up to six head attachments; Round, Fork, Flat and Bullet, Air Cushion, and Spade
  • Six levels vibration frequency speeds; moderate massage 1600 times/min, fascia relaxation 2000 times/min, muscle activation 2400 times/min, massage in-depth 2800 times/min, professional 3200 times/min, dynamic speed 1600 - 3200 times/min
  • Patented smart light system - 7 color light system for battery, speed, and meaning of flicker
  • Functional - high-Performance CPU equipped with quality core micro-controller for speed control and stall protection, one-button control and speed indicator, super quiet 45db low noise, and double link mechanism
  • High-performance 2000mAh lithium battery takes two hours to charge and has a running time of eight hours

The Hi5 Radiohead Vibration Massage Gun, Portable, releases muscle fatigue and pressure, promotes blood circulation, and aids in fitness and workout. It is suitable for various scenarios; doing exercise, sitting for a long time, when feeling tired in daily life, relaxing fascia and muscle, and for pain in muscles.

The Radiohead has a 6mm stroke that can accurately reach deep muscle quickly, eliminating soreness and tightness, has six vibration frequency levels, and up to six head attachments: round, fork, flat, bullet, air cushion, and spade. It has a patented seven colors smart light system which displays different light colors for different vibration levels. The smart light system enhances the fun and experience of massages by providing lighting with atmosphere sense, effectively merging massage and wellness with a sense of science and technology. Each of the six speed levels has its unique light color:

  1. Level 1 Moderate Massage - 1600 Times/Min, Pink
  2. Level 2 Fascia Relaxation - 2000 Times/Min, Sky Blue
  3. Level 3: Muscle Activation - 2400 Times/Min, Orange
  4. Level 4: In-depth Massage - 2800 Times/Min, Ocean Blue
  5. Level 5: Professional Massage - 3200 Times/Min, Red
  6. Level 6: Dynamic Speed - 1600 - 3200 Times/Min, Purple

The Radiohead vibration massage gun has a high-performance CPU equipped with a quality core micro-controller for speed control and stall protection. It has an ergonomic handheld design and a one-button control and speed indicator for ease of operation. It is super quiet, 45db low noise, ensuring a serene and comfortable environment when in use. It has a large capacity, high performing 2000mAh lithium battery that is quick charging (only takes two hours to be charged via USB port) and that has a long running time of eight hours. The battery eliminates the need for a cord, allowing you to use this massage gun anywhere at any time, it is also lightweight (only weighs 1.1 lbs.) for ease and convenience of transportation. Last but not least, the Radiohead has a double link mechanism for continuous power output without jams, uniform hitting speed, and to avoid shaking hands while using gun.

The package includes; a Massage Gun, 4 - 6 Attachment Heads, USB-C charging port, and a Carrying Case or a Black Velvet Bag.


  • Dimensions: 6.56”L
  • Weight: 1.10 lbs.
  • Warranty: One Year

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