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Earthlite Massage Table Maji-Clean Stain Removal Stick

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Product Description


  • Easily removes common upholstery stains e.i. ink and makeup stains
  • Keep your upholstery looking brand new
  • Enhances the durability of various spa furniture

Do you have a small stain, ink mark or slight blemish on your upholstery, but aren't ready to replace it with another one? Earthlite's Maji-Clean Stain Removal Stick is the perfect solution for you!

This stick easily removes a wide variety of the most common stains found on massage and spa table upholstery, most notably ink and makeup stains. A wise addition to any spa, the Maji-clean stain removal stick will keep your upholstery looking brand new.


  • Lead time: 1 week

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