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Earthlite Masage Table Facerest Cover, Vir‐Avoid™ Protection

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  • Easy to disinfect - stretchy polyester cover with 100% PU top coating provides an easy to disinfect protective barrier eliminating the need to wash fleece pads and warmers after each use
  • Water-proof and chemical resistant protects your table from pathogens, moisture, and harsh chemicals
  • Soft, cool, quiet, and hypo-allergenic jersey base layer - phthalate free
  • Quality stitching and elastic seaming provides a snug fit
  • Face pillow cover fits up to 4" cushions

Protect your massage table face pillow with a lightweight and soft to the touch, disinfectable, protective barrier. The Earthlite Vir-Avoid™ Protective Massage Table Headrest Cover makes disinfecting and protecting your massage and spa treatment table quick and easy. Stretchy 100% polyester knitted jersey fabric is coated with a waterproof and chemical resistant 100% PU barrier that creates a soft, quiet and protective layer.

For normal care: wash in hot or cold water, and tumble dry low. For disinfecting and tough stains use a 1:10 bleach/water-based solution. Avoid saturating or soaking the fabric with cleaner or disinfectant. Rinse with clean water and gently dry with a soft cloth.

NOTE: Table in pictures NOT included.

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