EarthLite Infinity Portable Massage Table

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Designed wide around the shoulders, about 32", and more narrow in the middle, close to 28", this ... Read More

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Designed wide around the shoulders, about 32", and more narrow in the middle, close to 28", this EarthLite Infinity Portable Massage Table is perfect for those who often feel too tight on the average massage table. This massage allows plenty of room to move and get comfortable, while also maintaining a portable weight and compact design. This full body, hourglass table is strong, sturdy and reliable, built for those who would like a little more room to reach their fullest level of comfort.

Despite it's full design and wide shoulder space, this table is only 32 pounds, making it easily foldable, and completely portable. But portability doesn't mean it's not comfortable - on the contrary, this table is well known for it's sleek design and ultimate comfort, featuring jointless rounded corners, hard maple legs, non-slip traction pads and a Pro-Plush Deluxe 3-Layer 3" cushioning system. Take the comfort with you. This luxurious table is available in all of our NaturSoft™ colors.

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Luxurious Comfort:

  • 3, triple density, ProPlush™ Deluxe cushioning system.
  • Buttery soft, yet eco-friendly Natursoft™ upholstery.
  • Stitched Fit™ upholstery for a greater working surface.



  • Tapered 10-layer laminated hoop frame
  • Jointless™ rounded corners
  • Managed forest hard Maple legs, braces and outlets
  • Aircraft quality Russian Birch plywood decking
  • Hardwood reinforcing ribs
  • Full-length piano hinge
  • Mid-brace™ Cradle-lock Cabling System with 1,000 lbs test cables
  • Shiatsu release cables
  • Super-strong Infinity endplates
  • ProPlush™ Deluxe 3-Layer Cushioning System
  • Natursoft™ Upholstery - 100% PU in sixteen colors
  • Stitched-Fit™ corners
  • Dual maple headrest outlets
  • Non-slip, Stablefoot™ Traction Pads
  • Made in USA with components sourced globally


  • Weight: 32 - 34 lbs
  • Width: 32 - 28
  • Length: 73
  • Height Range: 23 - 33
  • Opt Height Range: 26 - 36
  • Static Weight: 3200
  • Max. Working Weight: 800
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • CE Mark