Custom Craftworks Signature Series Electric Spa Table, M100 Basic

Custom Craftworks Signature Series Electric Spa Table, M100 Basic


  • Available in 28, 30 or 33" table widths
  • Whisper quiet electric ... Read More
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  • Available in 28, 30 or 33" table widths
  • Whisper quiet electric lift system controlled by a toggle switch built-into the base
  • Upgrade the cabinet doors or stain to fit your décor
  • Upgrades include Natural Touch Upholstery, Touch Response foam, round corners, breast scapula recesses and holes for side arm extensions
  • Made in the USA


The M100 Basic Electric Spa Table is a simple and elegant, yet a fully functional electric table. The electric height adjustment of 27-34” is controlled with the built-in toggle switch on the left side of the table. Select maple or oak for the solid wood base that consists of two large storage cabinets with adjustable shelving for accessory storage. The four door panels are upgradable to different styles as is your choice of wood stain. Add breast scapula recesses and rounded corners for an even more comfortable design or upgrade to Natural Touch upholstery and Touch Response foam.


  • 3” thick deluxe foam system
  • 9” on center dual-end accessory ports
  • Dual action face rest and pillow
  • Two base storage cabinets with adjustable shelving
  • Electric lift up to 550 lbs

Standard Upholstery Options:


Available Upgrades:

Breast/Scapula Recesses

Breast Recesses

The Breast/Scapula Recesses are a great way to increase comfort during massage for clients with larger breasts or implants while prone or clients with broad shoulders while supine. Includes plugs that fit snugly and securely into your table.  

Round Corners

Add round corners to your massage table.

Add beauty and freedom of movement around your table. Helpful in tight spaces.

Sliding Side Arm Extensions

Sliding Arm Extension

Provides additional space to support the arms of your larger clients.



Touch Response Foam System

Touch Response Foam 

ONLY COMPATIBLE WITH NATURAL TOUCH UPHOLSTERY.  Exclusive Touch Response Memory Foam system is pressure-sensitive and molds quickly to the shape of a body pressing against it returning to its original shape once the pressure is removed. Can facilitate a nurturing/cradling effect during the massage for your client.

Door Options:

Custom Craftworks M100 Electric Table Standard Door  Custom Craftworks M100 Electric Table Raised Panel Door


Load Capacity: 550 lbs

LEAD TIME: 8 week

Dimensions: 73”L x 28, 30 or 33”W x 27-34”H

About Custom Craftworks and Their Warranty

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