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Massage Table Maintenance

Massage Table Maintenance

First impressions matter. Clients pay attention to details and will notice if your upholstery looks clean and well cared for, or if it appears tattered and stained and in disrepair. Taking extra care of your table today will ensure long and productive service life. Since you have invested in purchasing a quality massage table, it is essential to keep it clean and in good repair for many years of use.

So, how do you properly care for your tables? Follow the suggestions provided by Custom Craftworks, a top manufacturer of professional, well-built massage tables.

After Each Client

Clean your table with a mild cleaning solution.

  • Using a solution of 10% mild household liquid dish soap and warm water applied with a soft, damp cloth works best. This will keep the upholstery colors vibrant.
  • After you clean with a mild dish soap solution, rinse with clean water, and thoroughly dry.

For Stickiness or Stains

  • Make a solution of Fantastik® and water or Formula 409® and water [1:1 ratio].
  • Use a water dampened cloth and rub and dab gently until the stain lifts.
  • Rinse with clean water and dampened cloth.

For Difficult Stains

  • Dampen a soft [white] cloth with a solution of household bleach and water [10% bleach: 90% water].
  • Rub gently and rinse with a water-dampened cloth until the bleach concentration is gone.


Try a Disinfecting Wipe

  • A natural alternative to mixing solutions is the disinfectant wipe Protex Ultra Disinfectant Wipes alcohol, bleach, and solvent-free.

What NOT to Use

  • Do not use improper cleaning agents that crack, dry out, and destroy your vinyl.
  • Using the wrong cleaning agents can result in a VOIDED warranty.
  • Do not use any cleaning agents that contain alcohol, harsh chemicals, or abrasives.
  • When in doubt, give us a call!

Try Linens

Custom Craftworks offers a variety of linens and accessories to create a comfy and cozy spa experience for your customers while keeping your table protected. The high-quality flannel sheets made with 100% cotton are double brushed for extra softness and are easy to clean and care for in case stains occur from lotions, creams, and other products. [View more Accessories from Custom Craftworks]

  • Wash in cold water on the gentle cycle to avoid friction.
  • Add one cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle and DO NOT USE detergent.
  • Adding vinegar will allow the fiber to expand, creating softness and will preserve the long-lasting color.
  • If using a front-loading washing machine, use the extra water setting.
  • Tumble dry on warm or use medium heat on a gentle setting or remove from dryer while sheets are still slightly damp.
  • DO NOT USE dryer sheets as they cause friction allowing the flannel to pill over time.

Adapted from the Custom Craftworks blog post titled “ Show Your Tables Some Love.”

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