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How Do You Know When You Need a Massage?

We are often so caught up with work and daily tasks that we neglect important things, like our health and wellness. Unfortunately, massage often falls into that category. We might use massages as ways to relax after a long day, but some of us go beyond that. Some of us need massages as part of a healthy routine, maybe for medical or physical reasons. How do you know when you actually need to get a massage?

massage benefits

Let's shed light on the  health benefits of massage and some signs that you can and should be aware of when it comes to massage therapy. 

Haven't Had One in Years

A clear sign that you need a massage is when you haven’t had one in a long time. Every therapist will recommend that you get a massage at least once a month, and probably even twice or more if you happen to have an injury of some sort.

Dealing with an Injury

Athletes are usually more prone to injuries than regular people. If you are constantly training and exercising, especially during summer months, you will encounter different types of muscle aches. A good clinical massage therapist will help you keep active and free of any recurring injuries. 

Lower Back Pain

When you start having pains in your back, neck, hip or shoulders, your body is trying to tell you that you need to take a break. Oftentimes, we ignore these pains until it gets too late. It’s recommended to see a clinical massage therapist without delay if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. 

In fact, lower back pain is one of the biggest complaints from many people when it comes to general soft tissue injuries and muscle pain as a whole. There are countless reasons why you could be suffering from lower pack pain and having that uncomfortable soreness that doesn’t seem to go away. It could be that you were lifting weights in the gym, perhaps doing squats and you lifted very heavy without using your legs. In other words, bad posture could be causing injury. It may be that your job requires you to bend down for an extended period of time, or you could be simply suffering from a degenerative form of arthritis. 

lower back pain

Whatever the case may be, pack pain is very common and can be hard to get rid of. However, there are some simple steps you could take to find out the cause of the injury and hopefully prevent it from getting worse than it actually is. Visit your doctor for a preliminary diagnosis before you do anything else.

At home, you may try icing the area within 24-48 hours after the injury has occurred to reduce inflammation. After 48 hours, you can try heat which will relax the muscles.

Hyperextensions, or back extensions, is a great, light exercise that will reduce lower back pain, when done correctly. But if all else seems too intense for the pain, a great massage can always work wonders. Deep tissue massages target tissues, joints, and ligaments that can have a profound effect on lower back pain.

Headaches? Try a Massage

You may get  headaches because of tight shoulder, neck and trapezoid muscles. A relaxing maintenance massage can help relieve some tensions on your body, alleviating headaches and head pain. Some massage therapy supplies, such as oils and creams, can have added calming benefits that promote relaxation.

Too Much Stress

Stress is a great reason to get a massage, as it decreases the stress hormone cortisol and increases endorphin levels. In fact, massages are known to be great stress relievers.

Not Enough Shuteye

Lack of sleep is another factor that contributes in getting a massage. Patients who have trouble sleeping note that increased circulation from massages allow them to sleep easier.

Sometimes you just owe it to yourself to get a nice massage, but there are times when your body craves it. Whether it’s a stressful day, or a need for relaxation, a massage will help you relax and dispel any soreness or pain. 

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