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​Choose the Right Massage Table for Your Practice

It’s time for a new massage table. Where do you begin? For starters, it is vital to understand the different massage table characteristics and the purposes they serve. We have teamed up with Custom Craftworks to gather a list of features, trade-offs, costs, benefits, and other factors (quality, durability, performance) to recognize when choosing the table that is right for you.


Is there a significant relationship between price and quality?

There is a direct relationship between the price and quality of a massage table. Building a high-quality table requires a well-conceived design, the use of appropriate materials and skilled workmanship. To achieve cost savings, companies often compromise on materials and artistry. The differences in table quality can significantly affect the experience of both you and your clients.

Custom Craftworks Signature Spa Series Hands Free Lift Back Massage Table
Signature Spa Series Hands Free Lift Back Electric Massage Table

Which table will help me grow my practice and keep clients returning?

To build a successful practice, you must give your clients an experience that invites them back. Every component of a therapist’s work, from the unique touch to the comfort and safety of the equipment, leaves an impression. An unstable, uncomfortable, or squeaky table detracts from a client’s experience.

If a client, who may otherwise become a regular, chooses not to return, it could compromise hundreds if not thousands of dollars in potential earnings. Therefore, well-designed, high quality crafted massage tables have increased value.

Safety & Stability

How do I identify if a table is safe or not?

Many companies assign a “weight capacity” to their tables after performing a series of different tests specifically for massage tables. The most significant test is intended to reveal a table’s “dynamic load” capacity. This feature is the capacity of the table to withstand a dropped weight from a specific height (simulating the effect of a table undergoing the rigorous movements that accompany massage).

Does the stability of a table contribute to my client’s experience?

For clients, stability or “containment of movement” instills confidence and a feeling of safety. Feeling safe is a prerequisite to “letting go” and the disengagement of the sympathetic nervous system. Often overlooked as a factor in client satisfaction, a squeaky table can be extremely distracting to you and your client. It can prohibit the client from entering deep relaxation. Not only does it distract, but noise can also raise questions about the safety of the table.

Custom Craftworks Classic Series Athena massage table
Classic Series Athena Portable Massage Table

Does stability impact the amount of energy I expend during a treatment?

For therapists, containment of movement means greater stroke efficiency and less fatigue of your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders. The therapist’s energy is intended to affect muscles and joints. If the table flexes or moves excessively, that energy is wasted.

In the long run, you commit to client safety when you put a client on your table. The implication is that the equipment you use will safely and securely support the client without fail. The first step in providing that assurance is choosing a high-quality professional table.


How important is comfort in a therapy treatment?

Delivering an experience of total relaxation to clients is the first step toward an excellent treatment, client satisfaction, and retention.

Why is foam density an essential consideration in comfort and longevity?

A well-designed foam system should offer firm support for the skeletal structure and moderately firm support to accommodate the soft tissues. Foam systems that use light density foams offer an initial feeling of plush softness but have thinner cell walls that break down much faster. These systems quickly lose memory and full loft, compromising the longevity of the table.

Portable vs. Stationary

How will you be using your table?

If you know you will be on the go; you can stop and go straight to portable tables, but what if your business is fixed in one location?

A stationary table will allow you to accommodate more clients comfortably and improve body mechanics. You have more choices with height, electric lift, thicker cushions, liftback, self-contained storage, ankle extension, removable sidearms, and more. Overall, stationary tables offer a more professional look and feel, and they are generally more comfortable and stable than portable massage tables.

Custom Craftworks AURA DELUXE Stationary Massage Table
Aura Deluxe Stationary Massage Table

To help you decide which portable or stationary massage table is right for you, Custom Craftworks has generously allowed us to share two of their Table Talk eBooks with you.

Portable Tables
Portable Tables
Custom Craftworks Signature Spa Series Hands Free Lift Back Massage Table
Electric Tables

Adapted from the Custom Craftworks blog post titled “Table Talk: Assessing your Massage Table Needs .

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