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ANNOUNCING: Expanded Offering of Custom Craftworks Massage Tables and Accessories

ANNOUNCING: Expanded Offering of Custom Craftworks Massage Tables and Accessories

Custom Craftworks has an esteemed reputation of building thoughtfully constructed, durable massage tables and accessories. Acquired by  Pivotal Health Solutions in 2009, Custom Craftworks has been creating quality massage tables since 1986. Custom Craftworks is one of the top brands in the massage and spa industry as they are continually moving forward and improving, striving to deliver unmatched value to customers in product, service, and performance. partnered with Custom Craftworks several years ago, but until now has only offered a small selection of massage tables. We are genuinely excited to be able to provide you with over two hundred tables (including portable, stationary, electric, hands-free), chairs, carts, oils, linens, and accessories for massage, therapy, chiropractic, alternative therapies, and estheticians.

But Why Custom Craftworks?


Custom Craftworks promotes innovative thinking to solve problems and push the creative barriers of product selection, performance, and price. Advanced features like hands-free elevating tables and whisper quiet electric lift system elevate their products to benefit both the therapist and the client.


"A lot of thought is put into each and every one of our products. Our engineers' design our products with input from industry experts and professionals, so each product meets the ergonomic needs of therapists and comfort requirements of clients. Our skilled craftsmen and women build these products from materials that are meant to withstand the conditions that massage and treatment techniques require. Our products are continually being updated to adapt to evolving needs to better serve the massage community." – Custom Craftworks


"We are proud of our hard work and stand behind it in an honest and respectable manner by being open and ethical. We strive to be thorough in the entire purchasing process. If there is ever an issue or misunderstanding, we will work together to go above and beyond to make sure it is resolved and taken care of." – Custom Craftworks


Custom Craftworks has been in business since 1986! Started by a custom cabinet and furniture maker, the goal was to redesign and craft a better, more durable, and more stable massage table that also catered to the comfort of both therapists and clients. Their success has led them to become the third-largest manufacturer of massage tables, chairs, equipment, and accessories in the United States.


Custom Craftworks has held a commitment to environmental consciousness and recycles as much as it can, from wood scraps to sawdust, and foam pieces, to office supplies.

This commitment to the environment is exemplified in their products as well. Wood sources from select birch to fast-growing poplar are harvested from sustainable-yield forests to minimize the environmental footprint. Custom Craftworks' earth-friendly, Earth-Cell foams are bio-based. They include products like soy, as compared to petroleum-based polyurethane foams manufactured with chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) chemicals that can deplete the ozone layer. The company even uses water-based lacquers and finishes on its products to ensure fewer toxins are in contact with clients and the environment.

We Think You Will Agree

Like us, the team at Custom Craftworks is dedicated to your success. Enjoy checking out all the new products.

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Electric Tables
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Adapted from the Custom Craftworks blog post titled " Why Choose Custom Craftworks? " and "Custom Craftworks: Celebrating 30 Years ".