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  • Massage Face Cradle Pillow Covers


EarthLite Fitted Disposable Face Pillow Covers (50-Pack)

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Product Description

Tired of the sweaty mess that is a massage table head rest? Perhaps you want to show your clients that their comfort along with proper sanitation techniques are things your pride yourself on as a massage therapist. Or maybe you're the client and are tired of going in to get a relaxing massage and winding up with someone else's germs getting a little too close for comfort.

Get the EarthLite Fitted Disposable Face Rest Covers. Each cover is fitted with a high quality elastic band to ensure a snug fit on the face rest. With EarthLite's new extra-soft cotton flannel construction and antimicrobial technology you can rest easy knowing you're in the hands.

At less than 13 dollars for a box of fifty, these high quality, disposable head rest covers from EarthLite are worth the time you'll save on cleaning the head rest. You'll save on cleaning supplies too. How many paper towels do you think you use a day just cleaning the head rest? Who cares? Now you don't have to waste any more money or thought on paper towels. Take relaxation to the next level with the EarthLite.



How many face rest covers come in this box:
This box features 50 face rest covers.

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