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The Earthlite Side Armrests come in a set of two durable, easy to install a ... Read More


The Earthlite Side Armrests come in a set of two durable, easy to install arm rests that add an extra 10 inches to the width of your massage table. They connect through finished pre-drilled holes on the sides of the table.

Purchase these armrests with your new Spirit™, Infinity™, or Stronglite Premier™ massage table and Earthlite will create the inlets and custom fit these Side Armrests to your table. Once fitted the Side Armrests can be easily inserted or removed for rigid arm support even while working remotely. The 3" memory foam padding delivers comfort consistent with your Earthlite portable table for a great client experience. They can be easily stowed too!

The armrests are designed to support the arms of slightly larger clients to help ensure a comfortable experience on the table for all. They are environmentally friendly and filled with non-CFC foam. Each side measures 5 inches x 29 inches and are upholstered with Earthlite's rich Natursoft™ fabric giving them a silky smooth feel. Natursoft™ upholstery is easy to clean, durable, and soft to the touch. 

Available in 9 standard NaturSoft™ colors, the Earthlite Side Armrests can be easily matched to your table and are a perfect compliment to the Earthlite Table Extender, Universal Hanging Armrest and Accessory Hammock Shelf.

Tables must be pre-drilled at Earthlite to accommodate the Side Armrests.


  • 9 standard NaturSoft™ upholstery colors
  • 3" memory foam padding
  • 9 millimeter hard birch base
  • Ridged dowel rods




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