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Earthlite Massage Table Face Pillow, LEC STRATA ANTI-MICROBIAL

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Product Description


  • Covered with super-premium, medical grade, yet soft and comfortable to the touch, Ultraleather Pro® 100% PU fabric with EPA registered silver-ion anti-microbial protection
  • Formulated for use with multiple hospital grade disinfectants - bleach cleanable
  • Reduced stitching with medical grade nylon thread and minimal Velcro makes disinfecting easier
  • Filled with proprietary Strata Cloudfill™ memory and gel cushioning system 
  • Fits all standard platforms 

The Earthlite Massage Table Strata Anti-Microbial™ Face Pillow is the massage industry’s first Anti-Microbial FacePillow. Upholstered with medical grade Ultraleather Pro® fabric, treated with EPA registered Anti-Microbial silver ion technology. But, don't let the technical terms fool you, the fabric is soft and supple to the touch.

Minimal stitching and Velcro makes the pillow easy to disinfect. The luxurious and supple Ultraleather® envelopes Earthlite's proprietary Strata™ memory cushioning system and Cloudfill™ batting. Fits all standard platforms. 

The Strata Face Pillow reduces sinus pressure and eliminates pressure points setting a new standard for massage face pillows.

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