massage supplies bolsters 31st Oct 2017

Professional Uses for a Massage Bolster

Massage therapists often use a variety of  massage supplies to help enhance their practice and the experience of their clients. From bolsters to pads, these supplies help accommodate patients and make it easier and more comfortable for both parties when giving treatment. These bo
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24th Oct 2017

What are the Best Massage Supplies for Pregnancy?

The massage industry has evolved in recent years to provide the best and latest  massage supplies to a variety of massage practitioners and retailers. Now, an up-and-coming or reputable massage therapist can find oils, creams, and many essential supplies for any type of massage
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17th Oct 2017

The Difference Between Chiropractic and Stationary Massage Tables

At Massage Tables Now, we have many new customers who've recently graduated or have made the decision to start their massage therapy business. As such, there's always been some confusion on the differences between  stationary massage tables and chiropractic tables. Which one is better for
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3rd Oct 2017

The Most Trusted Manufacturers of Professional Massage Tables

It's no secret that there are a vast amount of different brands when it comes to buying professional massage tables and accessories. This can cause a lot of confusion for first-time massage therapists and may even prevent you from making the right decision when the time comes to make a purcha
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28th Sep 2017

Portable or Stationary: Which Massage Tables Should I Buy?

Starting out as a new massage therapist can be tough. Not knowing which massage tables to purchase is the number one question that plagues a professional's mind. Do you need  portable massage tables? Or would a few good stationary massage tables do? Buying your first few
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13th Sep 2017

4 Important Health Benefits of Massage

“Ahhhh…” A professional massage feels nice, but is there more to it? If you ask anyone who recently made a visit to a massage therapist about their experience, you will probably hear about how relaxed and calm they felt. It’s always nice to relax, but are there true health benefits t
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