21st Nov 2017

The Uses and Benefits of Vitamin K

Of all the massage oils and creams a therapist can use, vitamin K cream is one of the most versatile, as it has dozens of uses and benefits. Did you know that vitamin K can help with skin elasticity? Talk about an added benefit when you're receiving a massage. Whether you are looking to
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14th Nov 2017

Are You Choosing the Right Massage Oil?

Choosing the right  massage oil can be a daunting task, especially with all the different brands and types of massage oils out there. Does viscosity matter? Is there a certain type of oil that works best for certain massages? And what about having different oils on hand in case a patient h
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massage supplies bolsters 31st Oct 2017

Professional Uses for a Massage Bolster

Massage therapists often use a variety of  massage supplies to help enhance their practice and the experience of their clients. From bolsters to pads, these supplies help accommodate patients and make it easier and more comfortable for both parties when giving treatment. These bo
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24th Oct 2017

What are the Best Massage Supplies for Pregnancy?

The massage industry has evolved in recent years to provide the best and latest  massage supplies to a variety of massage practitioners and retailers. Now, an up-and-coming or reputable massage therapist can find oils, creams, and many essential supplies for any type of massage
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17th Oct 2017

The Difference Between Chiropractic and Stationary Massage Tables

At Massage Tables Now, we have many new customers who've recently graduated or have made the decision to start their massage therapy business. As such, there's always been some confusion on the differences between  stationary massage tables and chiropractic tables. Which one is better for
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