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Massage Table Review: Earthlite Spirit vs Earthlite Spirit LT

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earthlite portable massage table

Whether you're a first-time massage therapist purchasing your first portable massage table, or you're a seasoned professional who has many a massage table to fill up your studio, one thing is certain: you're being bombarded with choices. One of the top massage equipment brands, Earthlite, offers the right kind of massage table, no matter your specific needs. However, that doesn't mean it's not daunting to try and sort through all the information.

We've compared two portable massage tables from this bestselling brand, Earthlite Spirit and Earthlite Spirit LT, to give you the rundown on which table is best for your operations.

The Earthlite Spirit line of portable massage tables are one of the most popular for students and professional masseurs alike. This is because of their quality, affordability, and their environmentally constructed materials. While both tables are sturdy in their own right, the Spirit LT is made with lighter materials for easier transportation.

The Portable Massage Table Breakdown

The Earthlite Spirit portable massage table is globally known for being extra comfortable and very easy to use and transport. As it's only 33 pounds, it’s even more appealing to a masseur without a physical office. The best part is that even though this table is not heavy, it still is able to to withstand an astounding 3200lbs static weight and 800lbs working weight. Its bases are made out of hard maple and the upholstery is environmentally friendly and soft to the touch. Who is this table perfect for? Anyone from new massage practitioners to experienced masseurs, physicians, and sports therapists. 

The Earthlite Spirit LT portable massage table is light but durable. Weighing only 26 pounds, 7 pounds less than the original Spirit, this Spirit LT is ergonomically designed to be easier for transport. It has a smaller cushioning system at 2 ¼" compared to Spirit’s 3". This can make it much easier to store in many other places, such as under high beds. The only downside is its weight limits, which are considerably lower at 2000Ibs static and 500lbs working, compared to the original Spirit's 3200Ibs static and 800lbs working.

When buying a new massage table, whether portable or stationary, it's important to weigh the pros and cons, even from established brands. Making an informed decision is only half the process when searching for the perfect portable massage table. Massage Tables Now works to ensure products are advertised truthfully, ensuring your purchasing process is informative but seamless.